High Reaches Weyr

A Dragonriders of Pern Roleplay

The Weyrleaders of Pern

The current Weyrleaders

Fort Weyr: G'rady and Rumer
            Many assume G'rady to be as quiet and mousy as his appearance. The Weyrleader has an incredible bellow that served him well for twenty turns as Weyrlingmaster. Occasionally he bullies, sometimes he wheedles, now and then he teaches, but he believes he always knows right and has the experience to back it up. Thread will return. That is his overarching belief, what pushes him forward every day whether his hip aches from repeated dislocations or his migraines half-blind him. He and Rumer work amazingly well together, and have all the thirteen turns of their partnership. Rumer was in love with her last Weyrleader, pondered falling in love with G'rady, and found happiness with a greenrider. This has any kind of importance because her mate lived in Telgar prior to their weyrmating, and the tangle of her transferring led to Rumer calling a Conclave and presenting a coherent, uniform plan for transfers between Weyrs. G'rady believes it will smooth the initial upheaval of the returning Pass, when riders scramble to be near loved ones, away from memories, or some combination. Since that Conclave, Rumer has become somewhat of the senior Weyrwoman the others look to - only Stokard has been a Weyrwoman longer, and she is more of a diplomat than a leader. Rumer believes whole-heartedly in the importance of dragons and has long encouraged the Courier wings as kind of a peace-keeping branch between Weyr, Hold, and Hall. She's still not entirely sure why it didn't go exactly as planned.

Ista Weyr: O'chen and Stokard
            Stokard has been Weyrwoman around thirty turns, and has been partner to her queen for close to forty. A skilled diplomat, very few see anything of Stokard's emotions when she chooses for them not to, and she is more observant than most credit. O'chen has been her Weyrleader for about sixteen turns, off and on (his twin brother, Ch'rin, was Weyrleader for about four turns), and he often jokes that he likes his vacation off-Weyrleader time. As far as outsiders can tell, Stokard has avoided being tangled in any of Lord Lisander's schemes, though the Lady Fiorenzia refuses to ever acknowledge her presence. That could be in part because Stokard has more Blood than Ista Weyr's most recent Lady, as Stokard is the Lady Thasalla's second cousin. Which sometimes helps the Weyr's case and sometimes does nothing at all. O'chen is a decent leader, takes his wingleaders' advice into careful consideration, and has an unfortunate eye for the holdgirls. He claims he Searched Heidee, the Weyrwoman's Second, rather than seduced her and found himself saddled with an emotional, pregnant minor Holder's daughter. To quote an example. O'chen can often offend...the offendable (i.e., just about anyone if he gets it into his head to try) and is as likely to drink with Master harper Quinby as he is to send all the harpers out of the Weyr. Stokard refuses to clean up his messes unless they get large enough to affect the entire Weyr...and that is usually followed by her queen being flown by someone else's bronze not long later.

Telgar Weyr: Th'man and Pia
            Pia has a temper that has offended Crom's Lady four (notable) times over. She feels it is the worst kind of stupidity - of course Thread is coming back. Morons. She despises stupidity, and that crowns it. Th'man is solid, dependable, soothing where Pia attacks, and has a half-hearted ally in Lord Platon. Ravid can't be bothered with the details of who's Weyrleader what day, but he finds the Weyrwoman an entertaining sort of show. His Lady has the Weyrleaders believing she's a more fervent supporter than she might actually be, but those Hold relations remain steady for the moment. Pia has been Weyrwoman for thirteen turns, but only in the past four turns has her Weyrleader remained steady more than two flights in a row. She runs a tights Weyr and keeps on top of the most ridiculous of details. Because of this, however, she tends to not remain as close to other Weyrleaders as she'd like, and is often trying to catch up on events around Pern when she has time. She still looks at Th'man sometimes as though she doesn't care what he thinks since he'll be gone next flight - but slowly their partnership is solidifying. Th'man, though newly a Weyrleader compared to some, has been a wingleader for nearly twenty turns and is well respected among his riders and those of other Weyrs. Pia, to the delight of the winecraft, definitely enjoys her wine, and is adept at steering tension in the Weyr to more...beneficial pursuits.