High Reaches Weyr

A Dragonriders of Pern Roleplay

Suggestions and Tips

Some ways to make RPing easier and more fun.

1) Get to know people: This has two points to it. Get to recognize important characters. By this I mean, any person living at High Reaches Weyr would recognize Joliene as the Weyrwoman, and Nalan as the Weyrwoman Second. No one would not know them. Obviously, other important figures include the Weyrleader, the Weyrleader Second, the Weyrlingmaster, the Headwoman, the Weyrhealer and the Weyrharper.

Also, recognize characters that your persona would know. Example: A weyrling would know, by sight and name, the weyrlings in his class. A rider would know her wingmates. These would be people you could always interact with.

2) Put your persona someplace doing something: No one can interact with your persona if you don't tell us where he or she is. But, if you have them in the dining hall, they're bound to run into someone to talk to. Or if they're down on the beach where everyone is washing their dragons. On the other hand, if they're in their room, no one will find them. Or if they're sitting in a corner.

3) Be social: No man is an island. This is especially true in RP where we are somewhat limited. If you never give us anything about your persona, we can't interact with you. And if we don't jump on you right away, don't give up. Each of us can only play so many personas, and it maybe that we've got as many as we can handle for that minute. Just keep telling us what your persona is doing on their own.

4) Pick up on other people's `cue' lines: Other people at the RP will say things like "Miriana sat down at a table by herself." That's an open invitation to interact with them. Take it.

5) Remember that RPs take place all over the Weyr: Your persona can only be in one place at a time. So, it isn't likely that they'll be talking to the Weyrwoman in her office and can see someone in the dining hall. Also, remember that there are places you won't be able to go. The Hatching Grounds, for example, isn't open to anyone but the Weyrwomen unless they invite someone. So you wouldn't just wander in to have a conversation in there.

6) Gold and bronzeriders are not the focus of the Weyr: RPs have a tendency to stop so everyone can watch what's happening with the Weyrleaders. This shouldn't happen, first because everyone in the Weyr can't see the WLs all at once (see last point), and second, because most people will realize that a spat between the Weyrleader and the Weyrwoman isn't their business. So don't stop what you're doing just because the Weyrwoman walks into the room.