High Reaches Weyr

A Dragonriders of Pern Roleplay

On Society

At this time, Pernese society can't quite decide what it is. There is a certain amount of bad feeling towards the dragonriders, to the point that the majority of candidates are weyrborn, not hold- or craft- born.

The Weyrs
In the Weyrs, many resent the behavior of the Lord Holders and Craftmasters, who begrudge the dragonfolk so much. Some of that arrogance comes from insecurity, as the riders are not all convinced that Thread will return. For those that do believe, this creates friction within the Weyrs themselves. Between the Weyrs, there is competitiveness, one-up-manship and, sometimes, outright dislike. The Spring Games are excessively competitive, and the Weyr that wins gets to gloat a certain amount.

Though the current Weyrleaders and Weyrwomen can present a united front when facing down Lord Holders and Craftmasters, it remains to be seen if the new High Reaches pair or any that follow in the other Weyrs can do the same.

The Holds
The Holds have settled into a determined patriarchy that sometimes creates problems with the Weyrs, who are not at all patriarchal, or the crafthalls, who vary in their attitude toward women. The Conclave as it stands now will not confirm any woman unless her husband will be the real authority, and even those cases are rare. The Conclave collectively is not fond of the Weyrfolk, and are not happy at all that a new Weyr was opened without any discussion with them. 

That being said, the individual lords have a variety of personal and professional opinions.

The Crafthalls
Though the Crafthalls are not nearly as patriarchal as the Holds, few women reach the upper tiers in most crafts, though few crafts ban women outright. And while dragonriders are tolerated, they are, by and large, not welcome. Few crafters are Searched these days, and the Weyrs train many of their own crafters.

Since the Weyrs do not demand tithe from the Crafthalls, the tension between them is less. But that does not mean the relations are friendly.