High Reaches Weyr

A Dragonriders of Pern Roleplay


The Rules According to Anne

These are not flexible and they are not up for negotiation. If what is here isn't clear, do feel free to ask us.

1. No characters created by Anne McCaffrey can be used, in any way. That means not in stories, not in passing references, not as ancestors, nothing.
2. No religion, magic, or war on Pern.
3. No other universes, whether created by Anne McCaffrey or other people, will ever be involved with Pern.
4. There are only five dragon colors: gold, bronze, brown, blue, and green. There are no other colors, and there are no sport dragons.
5. Golds will only Impress to women. Bronzes will only Impress to men.

These are the rules according to the Weyrwoman at High Reaches. These are not particularly flexible or negotiable, but definitely feel free to ask. We're always willing to discuss the matter. 

1. Timing: By this time, the secret of timing has been contained. Only queenriders and bronzeriders know of it. There will be no timing stories. If you will die if you can't write a story about this, talk to us, but don't get your hopes up.
2. Hearing All Dragons: We will never have more than one at the most and we will make you work very hard for it. If you're absolutely desperate for it, talk to us. The answer will probably be 'no'.
3. Firelizards
            a) You may not have firelizards. They are special rewards.
            b) As of this time, firelizards are not really pets. After hundred of Turns, seven people on Pern have them as pets, and all of those people are personas at High Reaches Weyr. No one else. Children may try and catch them, if they even see them, but most people still think of them as myths. 
            c) I hate the term "flitter". Don't use it. Please.