High Reaches Weyr

A Dragonriders of Pern Roleplay

Persona Sheet

This page will explain how to go about filling out a persona sheet. All you have to do is copy the sheet, fill it in and mail it to the Weyrleaders. We'll see about approving it. Simple, right? Well, read on to see how it's done.

Persona Sheet

Date Created/Updated:  So you can tell if it's been a while. <g>

Your Information

Name: Your real name, please. (If not your actual real name, a name that resembles something real.)
E-mail Address: So we can get in contact with you.
IM Address: Any service that you use and screenname. We like to chat online.
Birthdate: We'd like to wish you happy birthday!  This is optional
What you'd like to do: For our information, especially if you're interested in a status position.

Information about your Persona

Name: The name of your persona. Male dragonriders always take the honorific; female riders never do. Long, hard to pronounce names may be rejected on a case-by-case basis. Include any nicknames here as well.
Rank: Your persona's rank.  It could be Junior Weyrwoman, Queen Candidate, Weyrlingmaster, etc. If your persona is a candidate, please also give their rank _before_ they were Searched.
Birthdate: Month, day and year, please. A Pernese\Terran date conversion calendar is available. If you aren't sure just give the Terran date and we'll convert. On any dates, it will be greatly appreciated if _both_ Terran and Pernese dates are given--we know they're both the same, it helps keep things straight.
Age: In Turns (This should agree with the birthdate.)
Birthplace: Where was your persona born?
Mother: The persona's mother's name, rank, age, and location.  This can be either birth, foster, or both.
Father: The persona's father's name, rank, age, and location. This can be either birth, foster, or both.
        ****NOTE: Do NOT make your persona's parents goldriders, Lord/Lady Holders or Mastercrafters WITHOUT check with us first. These characters are named and have personalities connected to them already. If you write that without asking, we reserve the right to reject the persona out of hand and not even look at it until you do it the way we want it.
Siblings: The same information for the parents, applied to siblings. Remember there is no reliable birth control on Pern, so most of Pern has many siblings. You don't have to give _all_ their brothers and sisters if they have a lot, just the important ones that have had an impact on their life.
Significant Others: These can be weyrmates, children, friends, enemies, grandparents ... anyone who doesn't fall into the above categories. Please give their name, rank, age, location, and relationship to your persona.
Build: What type of build does your persona have? Large? Small? Slight? Huge?
Height: How tall is your persona? Please give this in feet and inches.
Hair Color/Style: What type of hair does your persona have? Long, straight, blonde hair?  Short, curly, brown hair?
Eye Color/Shape: What does your persona's eyes look like? Large, round green eyes?  Small, almond shaped blue eyes?
Complexion: Tan, light, peaches and cream, freckles? Do they have to wear a hat in the sun?
Identifying Marks: Any scars or birthmarks? Can include a photo reference here if your persona looks (in your mind) like someone we all know.
Handedness: Are they left-handed or right-handed?
Voice: High or low? Maybe they can't carry a tune to save your life or have a voice a harper would envy?
Clothing Style: What does your persona like to wear?  Do they wear nothing but blue? Baggy clothes? Do they have a favorite pair of boots? Never EVER "dress up"?
Weapons: Does your persona carry any special weapons, or know how to use an unusual one? Most everyone on Pern has at least a belt knife.
Jewelry: Precious stones are a mark-a-dozen on Pern, but remember gold and silver are hard to come by. Don't forget there's leather strips and twine to string beads and stones onto though! They might have beads of glass, "ivory", bone, and ceramic. Shell and mother-of-pearl would also be available. There are lots of different choices.
Background: Your character's life story. Where your persona came from, what their childhood was like, why they made the decisions that they did.  Try to make this more than a few sentences, because a persona's background really tells a lot about the person. Note: Personas with major trauma in their backgrounds (abuse/rape/family killed etc.) are very overused.
Timeline: This is just a place for you to write the time of important events in your personas life. It can be just the year, or it can be the year, month, and day. This doesn't have to be super detailed, but it would probably contain a few dates (birth, Impression, craft dates, etc.).
Personality: What's your persona like? Are they quiet, loud, outspoken, shy? You might tell how your character handles emergencies, how they react to strangers, or what they do in the harsh face of criticism, for example. Tell about your persona's likes and dislikes. Give them a few quirks. Not everyone is perfectly kind, gentle and generous soul or a horribly evil soul. Who are they, anyway?
Hobbies and Skills: What does your persona do especially well? Is there something they like to do that no one else knows about?
Pets: Give the species and name. NO tunnelsnakes, firelizards or whers. They are NOT pets

Dragon Information (only fill out if your character is a dragonrider)

Name: All dragon names end in -th. Please don't use any of Anne's names!
Color: Gold, bronze, brown, blue, or green. Nothing else.
Size: Relative size for color. Small, medium, large, or sizes in between.
When Impressed: What is the date that your dragon hatched? If you don't know exactly, give an approximate day and we'll adjust it.
Weyr Impressed: What Weyr did your dragon hatch at? There are only three choices here: Fort, Ista and Telgar, unless you've been a rider less than four years (the age of the oldest dragons hatched at High Reaches). (Benden and Igen are not available at this time to have Impressed at.)
Sire\Dam: The dragon's parents. If you don't know, leave it blank and we'll fill them in.
Wing: Which wing do you fly in? (This will be assigned to you after approval.)
Appearance: Emerald green? New penny bronze? Sky blue? Built lightly or heavily? Any scars?
Personality: What's your dragon like? Quiet, a comedian, a ditz? Shy? Outgoing? Lusty? Have fun with this part.
Abilities: Maybe your dragon has great endurance or speed, or is a good Search dragon.
Relationships: With rider, strangers, pets, etc.

Holder Information (only fill out if your character is a holder)

Hold Name: The names for the major holds are listed earlier in the guide, but feel free to make your own minor/cot hold.  :o)
Size: Major, minor, cothold, seahold, etc.
If Minor Hold, who beholden to:
Rank: Are you the Lord Holder? The heir? A kitchen worker?

Crafter Information (only fill out if your character is a crafter)

Masters: Who did you study under? (You can also list Journeymen here - Masters do many things other than teach, which many Journeyrankers do - just make sure you specify their rank.)
Rank: If you choose to be a Master in your craft, bear in mind that you would likely not have made Journey rank before 16 or 17 turns of age, and would not have achieved Master rank before 29 or 30 turns of age at the EARLIEST. We will not accept Masters younger than that without a very good explanation. ASK FIRST.

Others (fill out if none of the previous categories is appropriate)

Title: Trader? Queen Candidate? Drudge?
Abilities: What do they do especially well?
Location: where are you usually to be found?

When you're done, email it to [email protected].