High Reaches Weyr

A Dragonriders of Pern Roleplay

The Mastercrafters of Pern

The current Craftmasters:

Beastcraft: Master (in Keroon under Lord Vief and Lady Contessa)

Farm: Master Ackerley (in Nerat under Lady Thasalla and Lord Mikkel)
            Ackerley is a man of few words, deep thoughts, and careful consideration. This is not always true, he can be as variable as the seasons, but he works well with both Lady Thasalla, Lord Mikkel, and just about every Master in the Farmcraft. His one true passion is irrigation, and he travels often to inspect those areas that require irrigation ditches and systems to ensure they're being kept up or redesigned appropriately.

Fisher: Master Morven (in Tillek under Lord Pomeyus and Lady Inaura)
            Masterfisher Morven is a jack of all trades. He can build or crew a ship, follow the currents, read a shipfish's mood to guess the weather, and twist a net with the best of them. He is a detail oriented man who surrounds himself with a solid mix of those like him and the visionaries. In the ten turns since he was named Masterfisher, three new designs of ships – two oared, one a double-sail – have begun being built and sailed, and he has built solid ties with Peder and his Woodcraft. Morven has not changed the attitude of his craft toward women in the slightest – they do well on small craft, but are bad luck on true ships, and he'll not have them.

Harper: Master Lianesse (in Fort under Lord Tymon and Lady Lalisa, secondary in Ista under Lisander and Lady Fiorenzia ) (owned by Kacey)

Healer: Master Cassiun (in Fort under Lord Tymon and Lady Lalisa)
            Cassiun is a genius and jealous of his craft's knowledge. He is a bit of a recluse, and travels rarely. His Journeymen must return to the main crafthall to test for their Mastery, and he has final say over as many promotions as he can. He also plans most of the placements, and will often reject an apprentice for a reason only he knows. Cassiun rarely sleeps, between paperwork and his studies – always, a Healer must study further. Women, men, children, whathaveyou – if they Heal he'll consider them. If the Heal well, he'll allow them to move further in his craft. He's been craftmaster for thirty turns, and is getting old enough that madness might be confused with eccentricity.  Under his leadership though, several Masters have turned to study of the human mind, with all the interesting discoveries that results in.

Mine: Master Fergus (in Crom under Lord Platon and Lady Jendai)
            Anything Fergus doesn't agree with or trust or believe in does not exist. If he can hold it in his hand, bang it, shape it, mine it, sell it, it's all gold to him. He has a fondness for whers that extends – grudgingly, mind you – to dragons. Not always dragonriders, but dragons. He recently (a little less than twenty turns ago) ended a feud with Theron of the Smithcraft, and so the gemsmith branch has steadily grown over the turns, a bridge of sorts between the two crafts.

Smith: Master Theron (in Telgar under Lord Aden, Lady Naiara and Sahna)
            Theron is as manly a man as they come. Growing up, he was in numerous brawls because of that, and because of the man he chose to keep the most company with. He had a falling out with his cousin Fergus over that turns and turns ago, but as Theron never changed, and he came to the head of his craft as Fergus to the head of his, his cousin eventually gave in and repaired the gap. Theron keeps his hand at the forge and is best making larger implements – axes, plowshares, wrought iron fencing (prized by Sahna of Telgar). He admires and encourages the smaller, more intricate pieces as well, and is obsessed with recovering knowledge his craft has lost. His mate often finds him late at night muttering over this old hide or that decaying manuscript.

Tanner: Master Vaughan (in Igen under Lord Steffin (and his sisters))
            Vaughan is a surprisingly small man, quick on his feet and clumsy in anything but his craft. He refuses to speak of anything he doesn't know absolutely about by his own observation, and has a way with a silent stare that leaves the prying cold. This doesn't mean he doesn't have opinions, but all most Tanners know of him is he has a sense of humor, a fondness for his young Lord (if an abiding refusal to comment on the poor young man's situation), a dazzled awe for the beauty of Igen's eldest sister, and a love for all his crafters who truly enjoy their work. Before becoming craftmaster, he was famed for his bootwork.

Vintner: Master Quillan (in Benden under Lord Sandor and Lady Olathe, secondary in Tillek)
            There was a great scandal in the Vintnercraft when young Quillan was chosen craftmaster over his much older uncle Quinby ten Turns ago. Quillan is in his early forties, dashing, charming, creative, inventive, intelligent…but he learned it all from his Uncle. Still, Quillan gets along well with Lord Sandor and his Lady and named his uncle to head the secondary Hall in Tillek.

Weaver: Master Eirene (in South Boll under  Lord Ravid and Lady Possi)
            When Eirene was chosen craftmaster, two Master Weavers retired in protest. It was their loss. One of only two female craftmasters currently on Pern, Eirene has the sharp mind, business sense, and discernment many Lords can only hope to find. She has a delicate hand with the finest of threads – or situations – and an eye for color and cut that many journeymen hope to develop. She is probably harder on the women than the men in her craft, and demanding of all. With a customer she is all attentiveness, with her crafters she is aloof and observant. She has friends outside of work, and few inside her craft. Avoiding both Lord Ravid and Lady Possi as much as she can, she is nevertheless courteousness itself when encountering them or their orders for clothing or tapestries. As for the dragonriders? It is the same when they come as customers. Demanding, however, gets them no where.

Wood: Master Peder (main crafthall in Lemos under Lord Olgave and Lady Meliora)
            Peder is a man in love with his work. He gets along well with the Lord and anyone who shows the proper awe for the quality and diversity of wood. He has less patience for the paper making part of his craft than the carpentry and the Art (this includes anything from Ships to Hold Doors), but he does have grudging admiration for the creativity to be found in that branch lately. Peder has no patience for silliness or time-wasting – women are fine as long as they behave and don't go batting their eyelids about – and though he admires Art, he ignores flights of fancy – Thread? He'll believe it when he sees it. All he knows is the day it returns, (if that day exists) dragonriders better be on full time patrol over his forests.