High Reaches Weyr

A Dragonriders of Pern Roleplay

The Lord Holders of Pern

The current Lord Holders

Benden: Lord Sandor and Lady Olathe
            Sandor is something like Olathe's fifth cousin. The former Lord of Benden had nothing but girls, figured Olathe the best of them, and married her to the promising young Sandor as soon as he realized he wasn't having any sons. As Lord, Sandor has supported the Crafts he hosts, increased trade, and keeps a minimum tithing to his Weyr simply because he believes in duty above nearly all else. He loves his wife of thirty Turns as far as that goes, remains as faithful as may be expected, and isn't entirely sure where his ideas end and her plans begin. Olathe is an intelligent woman who loves her comfort and traveling. She didn't believe Thread will return because such a thing would interfere with her dearest hobbies. She bore her husband a parcel of children that she became involved with once they were old enough to do something with, adores her cousin (Olgave of Lemos), and assures everyone she remains involved in current events because of the gossip, of course dears.

Bitra: Lord Gaedon and Lady Leriwia
            The Lord of Bitra hates the Weyrs. All of them. His first wife, Emiliana, was the niece to the then-Lord of Benden. Benden has always been a loyal Hold, which he doesn't get along well with. Emiliana only produced one son, her firstborn, followed by two daughters. Gaedon remarried after Emiliana's death, but Leriwia only produced three more daughters. Gaedon has been known to say that a man only needs one daughter to marry off and that they're useless. Gaedon did find a use for one of his daughters, Naiara, who he married off to Aden, the then new Lord of Telgar, young, inexperienced and hopefully malleable. Lord Gaedon saw that this might win him an ally against the Weyrs when the time came. Leriwia is a pretty, but otherwise forgetable woman. She has no spirit and contributes little outside the domestic, which is just how Gaedon likes it.

Crom: Lord Platon and Lady Jendai
            Platon fell madly in love with Jendai when he was the third son on rounds through his father's minor Holds. She was promised to his next older brother, and too pretty for her own good besides. Platon did his duty and left her alone, threw himself into any work his father pushed his way. His oldest brother died of a short lived plague of bad flu that struck Crom one winter. Jendai was not an appropriate match for the Heir, and so with little maneuvering, the betrothal was moved to Platon with little insult given or taken. Platon's brother was Lord for five turns before he died in a winter storm. Platon never expected to be Lord, Jendai never expected to be any good as Lady by those around them, and yet the settled in well enough. If Platon focuses on the big picture rather than the little, his advisors are quick to remind him, and thirty turns of being Lord improve you. Jendai as well has improved with age, and she is an advocate of letting the dragonriders move to the South, before they die out as is proper. She is sweet as can be but resents every bit of trade good that is simply given instead of trading, and she drives a hard bargain. Platon disapproves of the Weyrs in a general sense, but has no problem with any dragonriders he meets in person, most of the time. If this causes other Lords to call him indecisive or worse in Conclave…well, he's one of the senior among them and can't bring himself to care. His health has been failing of late, and his eldest son is slowly assuming the duties of the Lord Holder.

Fort: Lord Tymon and Lady Lalisa
            Lalisa is the sister of Lady Lalaine of Ruatha, and the daughter of Lord Lisander of Ista. She shares many of her father and younger sister's opinions, but she's pretty neutral on the Weyrs. Sending a tithe (not too much, mind) makes them look generous and doesn't erode Fort's bounty very much at all. Tymon lacks imagination. He is fantastic with details, with the mundane, with the day to day. He has no scope, no vision, no plan. Luckily his Steward is a strong-minded individual with two sons and a daughter riding dragons, and Hold Steward Alrion has a way of phrasing things to turn Tymon to his way of thinking. Fort is a safe place for both pro- and anti-Weyr, for those who believe in Thread and those who scoff. For the most part.

Igen: Lord Steffin
            Steffin is the youngest of seven children, and the only male. His father, of course, chose him over every one of his sisters, a fact which none let him forget. Though they publicly support their sibling, two of them are scheming to dispose of the young Lord. Steffin will be a excellent, visionary leader if only given the chance... but then, so would nearly every one of his older sisters, given that same chance. Meliora's marriage to Olgave of Lemos has strengthened Steffin's position.

Ista: Lord Lisander and Lady Fiorenzia
            Lisander is two turns younger than Lord Ravid of Southern Boll and as devious as his cousin is upfront. Brilliant and sometimes unpredictable, Lisander can at least be counted on to do best by him and his. Ista profits under his direction, and has for more turns than he bothers to count. He can see fifteen paths of opportunity for any one event, and will happily enlist almost anyone (knowingly or not, for them) in his plans. Thread very well might return, he wouldn't be surprised (or pleased, he'd have to restructure so much), so he tithes the minimum and refuses to speak of it. Fiorenzia is his fourth wife, a beauty, appearing empty-headed to those who don't know better and mean as a broody wher when crossed. She was common-born, as the Blood see it, and is quick to see an insult to her position and determined that one of her still-infant children inherit the Hold or at least a larger minor Hold despite her twelve assorted step-children. The unwary are advised to step carefully around her. And, for that matter, the wary.

Keroon: Lord Vief and Lady Contessa
            Contessa inherited Keroon from her elder brother Justinian upon his untimely death. Before his death, Justinian arranged for her to marry Vief, who is the younger brother of Olgave of Lemos. Contessa would have been quite content to breed her runners all her life. It isn't a love match - Vief is a decade Contessa's senior, and they had never met until they were married. Still, the marriage succeeds and the hold prospers under the pair. Contessa recently produced their first child.

Lemos: Lord Olgave and Lady Meliora
            Olgave is one of the older and most respected Lords. Meliora is his significantly younger third wife and is one of the older sisters of Steffin of Igen. From his second marriage, Olgave has two children, including his heir Yanus, but Meliora gave birth to a son and is increasing again, so some wonder how secure Yanus' position really is. Meliora has brought not only a sophisticated charm, but also a political savvy that is not unappreciated by her husband.

Nabol: Lord Kandoy (Kacey)
            Kandoy came to rule his Hold when his father was accidentally killed by the dragon of the High Reaches Weyrleader after attacking the Weyrwoman. Relations between the Weyr and Nabol had been more than a little contentious under Cassius, but Kandoy has aimed for something far more cordial. But sometimes, that's easier said than done.

Nerat: Lord Mikkel and Lady Thalassa
            Thalassa rules her Hold and everyone in Nerat knows it. The sea is bred into her and she would have run into the fishercraft if it would have had her. And if she weren't the only surviving child of her sickly father and her wreck of a mother. Thalassa hardly paid any mind when her father agreed (or was bullied into) the arrangement with Tillek turns ago. Mikkel is not distasteful, can handle a boat, and handles Nerat's interests with other Lords in Conclave well enough that he might be reading her mind. She rarely speaks unless she must, respects those who hold their own, and knows the ocean's moods as well as anyone might. Thread very well might return – predicting the future is like anticipating the weather, there is likely and unlikely – and then there is what is. She makes sure Nerat tithes, when it occurs to her, or when Mikkel brings it up. It is not a priority, but you appease what you can and avoid what you may.

Ruatha: Lord Jamison and Lady Lalaine
            Lalaine is the sister of Lady Lalisa of Fort, daughter of Lord Lisander of Ista, she married Jamison the turn after her sister married Fort. Like her father, Lalaine can not stand the useless, be they mentally impaired, physically handicapped, or dragonriders. She keeps a steady hand on her duties and remains actively involved with the smaller holds beholden to her husband. She dictates their outside contact by the simple fact the Jamison is an internalist – he is passionate about anything and everything regarding his Hold, but the rest of Pern could fall off into space, for all he cares. He rarely attends Conclaves unless Lalaine pushes it (she doesn't often), and then only to discuss trade or matters pertinent to Ruatha.   

Southern Boll Hold: Lord Ravid and Lady Possiliana
            Ravid is straightforward, demanding, abrupt, and will ride over anyone at any moment. He's been a Lord forty turns, is in his seventies, and believes he knows best and everyone else is rather…illogical. He figures Thread will come back because he's lived long enough to know the world doesn't go the way you want it just because you want, and so he does his duty to his Weyr – because really, some of them are a little sensitive, and he doesn't want to find out they're grudge-holders, besides. He decided on Possi when he was youngish and still married to his milksop of an arranged Bitran. When his wife died in childbirth he was surprised to find he missed her a bit, and it took him four turns to court Possi genuinely and thoroughly enough to win her. A daughter of Lemos, charming in the extreme of the word, and lovely in the most elegant of ways, Possi has graced Tillek, her husband, and their people with her warmth, charm, care, and absolute stubborn determination. She adores many dragonriders, for their ability to work well with women in leadership positions, their humor, and the dragons themselves. She hosts crafters, holders and riders in the same style, slighting only those who demonstrate such ignorant behavior even she can't charm them. She is a force to be reckoned with, and Ravid has often pondered what would result if he brought her into a major Conclave. The older he gets, the more likely it is he might do it.

Telgar Hold: Lord Aden and Lady Naiara
            Aden hates the Weyrs in general and Telgar in particular, blaming them for the death of his parents twenty Turns ago - on the way back from a hatching, the dragon carrying the then Lord and Lady disappeared between. He was young at the time, and while still in shock found himself married off to the very beautiful Naiara, daughter of the Lord of Bitra. The marriage, despite seven children, has never been successful, and the presence of Aden's mistress in the Hold proper has never helped. Naiara supports the Weyrs publicly and privately and always made sure the tithes are correct - whatever Aden orders. In spite of that, Aden is very much appreciated by his holders.

Tillek Hold: Lord Pomeyus and Lady Inaura (Renee)