High Reaches Weyr

A Dragonriders of Pern Roleplay

High Reaches Weyr History

Joliene and Elsibeth of Telgar and Nalan and Tansith of Fort were chosen to be the new Weyrwoman and Weyrwoman Second of High Reaches. Wingleader Sh'uen of Ista was selected as the interim Weyrleader until Elsibeth rose, some four or five months away, as she was nearly ready to clutch already.

The young Weyr began to come together well through that first spring and summer. Elsibeth laid a strong clutch, as did Tansith when she rose. They suffered a slight setback when Sh'uen left just before Midsummer for reasons no one but Joliene and his lover could explain. But at the tail end of summer, Elsibeth did rise, and was caught by bronze Kitreth, making M'jiek the first true Weyrleader of High Reaches. That clutch would result in a gold egg, which would hatch into Karineth, who chose Bemula.

As the Weyr reached its first year, an unusual amount of rain resulted in flooding at the small holds that looked to High Reaches Hold, and the Weyr was called upon to rescue them. Unfortunately, young Bemula and Karineth were lost at the same time due to an accident. Elsibeth also rose again, this time caught by Rudith, the Weyrlingmaster's bronze. Tr'vas became Weyrleader and his former Second Miakoda became the first female Weyrlingmaster.

Tansith's next clutch would include a gold egg, and Miriath Impressed Gabrielle. Meanwhile, the Lord Holder of Nabol had ceased to tithe and, as fall turned into winter, this became more of a concern. But the Weyrleadership stayed steady when Rudith again caught Elsibeth.

At Midwinter that Turn, the Red Star would be clearly sighted through the Eye Rock, confirming that Thread would return in the coming Turn. Lady Delphine of Nabol ran away from her husband, bringing a partial tithe and seeking sanctuary at the Weyr. An avalanche at a minor hold looking to High Reaches gave the Weyr an opportunity to improve relations with Lord Jarek when they rescued him from dying.

Thread began to fall at the end of winter, and High Reaches Weyr met it with strenghth. Lord Cassius of Nabol continued to be a problem, firing on Weyrwoman Joliene with fire arrows when she attempted to visit and severely injuring Elsibeth's wing. In retaliation, Weyrleader Tr'vas burned a circle around Nabol Hold proper and Thread was not fought within that circle. After three Falls had burned through the area, Joliene and Tr'vas went to talk to Cassius, which resulted in Tr'vas injured by the Lord Holder, and the Lord Holder killed by Rudith.

When Elsibeth rose a sevenday later, Tr'vas was injured and unconscious and Rudith failed to give chase. She was caught instead by a bronze from Telgar, Halakath, making newcomer B'zek the current Weyrleader. Despite the success of the clutch - including gold Ciraweth who Impressed Nasiree - Joliene did not hide her inability to work with B'zek (his own feelings for her were less than complimentary) or her preference for Tr'vas, her sometime lover, who returned to teaching weyrlings.

In Nabol, one of Cassius' legitimate sons became the Lord Holder. Kandoy was far more willing to work with the Weyr and proved a far better holder, and under him, relations with the Weyr became more cordial.

As Elsibeth grew closer to rising again, Tansith rose early, choosing again bronze Perseth, who had sired Miriath on her. Elsibeth was triggered by this and rose far away from the Weyr, choosing bronze Aveth, not even a Turn out of weyrling training. Unfortunately, Weyrleader N'vin was significantly injured in his first Threadfall as Weyrleader, and so it fell to Tansith's choice - Wingleader H'bib - to take over running the Weyr. Nalan and Tansith went to the recently re-opened Igen Weyr, to give them her new clutch (which would include a gold egg) and also to give some space to N'vin, who was her son.

In the spring, while Nalan was gone and Elsibeth was on the Hatching Grounds, Joliene and Gabrielle were abducted one night after they'd been working late. The Weyr mobilized to try and find them, but very little is known to this day about the perpetrators. Joliene was rescued by Lord Kandoy, who paid a ransom for her. Gabrielle escaped and was rescued by riders from the Weyr. The only kidnapper caught, however, suicided.

Elsibeth's next flight preserved the continuity of Weyrleaders, as Elsibeth chose Perseth and H'bib, incidentally infuriating Tansith. The tension between the golds continues and tends to flare up regularly, especially over the choosing of mates. Tansith retaliated by choose Halakath and producing another gold egg, this one which would go to Telgar after a tragedy there.

That may have been a mistake, as only a few months later, Weyrwoman Third Gabrielle and Miriath, nearly ready to rise for her second flight, was lost during a difficult Threadfall as they tried to rescue another pair. The Weyr is left with two grown golds and an only-recently graduated and untried one.