High Reaches Weyr

A Dragonriders of Pern Roleplay


It had been approximately four hundred fifty turns since the last Threadfall. When no Thread fell two hundred fifty turns ago - when the Weyrleaders had convinced the Lords Holder and Mastercrafters that it would come - the Weyrs began to lose credibility. When the dragon population began to decrease dramatically, the Lords began to talk about how the Weyrs were no longer needed.

With the decreasing population in mind, and in an attempt to placate the Lords as much as possible, about one hundred fifty turns ago, the Weyrleaders convened and decided to close several Weyrs and combine their populations. The riders from High Reaches moved to Fort, and Fort Weyr took over that territory. Igen's riders went to Ista, and Benden's to Telgar; Ista and Telgar split the territory of Igen and Benden.

In the last twenty or thirty turns, the dragon population has begun to grow. Though the Weyrs are not uncontrollably full, the Weyrleaders decided to reopen one of the Weyrs for now, with tentative plans to open another in the next few turns. High Reaches was the logical choice due to territory divisions.