High Reaches Weyr

A Dragonriders of Pern Roleplay

Regarding Female Brownriders

Though women have riden greens for generations, and have ridden blues nearly as long, though not in the same numbers as men, there had not been a woman on a brown until about thirty Turns ago. With the disfavor the Weyrs had fallen into, fewer young men were Searched, and only so many boys were born in the Weyrs, so more girls stood.

Thirty Turns ago, there was just such a girl at Ista. Anahita was eighteen and had been Searched initially for a gold egg the Turn before. When she failed to Impress, the Search dragons insisted she stay. Two hatchings later, a brown dragon was the last to hatch, and he chose Anahita inerringly. About a turn later, at Telgar, another young woman Impressed a brown. 

Since then, several other women have Impressed brown. Never more than one in a clutch, and rarely more than one a turn. There are some fifty of so all told now. It has been noticed that a gold hatching almost always produces a female brownrider, and the browns look for similar characteristics to golds, though not quite the same.