High Reaches Weyr

A Dragonriders of Pern Roleplay

Dragon Information

If you'd like your persona to be a dragonrider, there are two ways to go about this.

1) Transfer From a Different Weyr
            Just pick a Weyr you would like to have been from and the age of your dragon now. We'll let you know the sire and dam, as well as the exact hatching date and any PC or NPC clutchmates you might have.
            Since High Reaches has only recently reopened, only dragons less than four can have been hatched here. As well, Benden and Igen have been open for less than two Turns, after hundreds closed.

2) Impress a Hatchling
            The Weyrwoman will announce any upcoming hatchings on the list and the website and those hatchings will be run through email. Most often we assign dragon color and name for your candidate at the hatching, though if you have a specific preference it would be good to let us know before the hatching.
            Please remember that until Impression, you are just a candidate, and afterward you must spend 'real time' as a weyrling. That means eighteen months in weyrling training before joining a wing, and two years before your dragon rises to mate.


Rules about Impressing.

1) Candidates will be between twelve and twenty-three.

2) Men can Impress bronze, brown, green and blue dragons. Women can Impress gold, green, blue and, rarely, browns.

3) Dragons do not cure mental illness.  If a persona has mental problems, he/she will not impress a dragon. A candidate needs to be fairly stable or they won't even be allowed to stand. Dragons also do not impress people who are physically disabled (blind, deaf, etc.). Physical disabilities happen to riders, but will disqualify a candidate.

4) Impression from the Stands: Impression from the stands does happen, but it is -pretty- rare. Have a good reason for doing it, or it won't be approved.

5) If your persona is a dragonrider, s/he will not be a master crafter. Crafters don't make journeyrank until 16 or 17 at the earliest, and don't become masters until their twenties, about age 25 at the youngest. (Also, whatever craft rank your character may have reached, if they impress a dragon, they're effectively an apprentice all over again.)
            Typically, the Weyrs do not Search out of the Crafthalls. Skilled craftsmen at any level are too necessary to their Crafts to be Searched. So if you want to be a crafter as anything other than an apprentice who couldn't make the grade, you will almost certainly not be Searched.