High Reaches Weyr

A Dragonriders of Pern Roleplay

Craft Information

There are two major Crafthalls in Telgar's territory: the Fishercrafthall and the Secondary Winecrafthall, both in Tillek. (In our timeline, while dolphins are called dolphins, no one talks to them and only some sailors talk about the miraculous rescues. Some dragons do insist the dolphins talk.)

We're looking for the members of those crafthalls, from apprentices up to the Mastercraftsman, as well as the regular full complement of Hold and Weyrcrafters. The full list of crafts is Beastcraft, Farmcraft, Fishercraft, Harper, Healer, Miner, Smith, Tannercraft, Vintner, Weaver and Woodcraft.

A few things to keep in mind:

1) Most crafters don't apprentice until 11. They don't make journeyman until 16 or 17 at the very earliest. Those that become Masters don't do so until their late twenties. Mastercraftsmen will be past 40. Ask before you do anything if you want to make an exception.

2) To be a Weyrcrafter or the main Hold crafter, one must be a Master. There will of course be journeymen, but the ranking crafter will be a Master.

3) While the Crafthalls are not as patriarchal as holds, they are equally not as free as Weyrs. So women will achieve the highest ranks, though not as frequently as men. Too, all halls are not equal in regards to women; some halls welcome women to their ranks far more than men. If in doubt, ask us.

4) To clarify something, a Master in a craft is a Craftmaster. There can be many craftmasters in a hall. There will only be one Mastercraftsman, however.

5) Most people on Pern do not join a craft. Joining a craft is the equivalent of going on to upper level education of the college/university variety, and becoming a Master is like a grad degree. Most people do not do this. (I don't know world statistics, but in the US, currently only about 19% of the population has a degree at all. Apply the math here.) Knowing some skills is not the same thing. There is not a hold or Lower Caverns woman on Pern who can't sew, it's a necessity; they may not be able to weave six different types of fabric, that's a Craft skill. The men of Half Circle Seahold all fished; there was no evidence that any of them had any Fishercraft training. Keep that in mind.

6) Four crafts allow women as equals: Beast, Harper, Healer, Weaver. Four allow women, but women rarely rise to the highest levels: Tanner, Vintner, Smith, Wood. Three crafts don't allow women in any capacity: Farm, Fisher, Mine.